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Saris For Good Karma

Fashion Channel’s Managing Director, Kanchana Moodliar, created the concept for Saris for Good Karma.

“We use our skills in fashion and design to mentor an underprivileged community in Bayview, Chatsworth to teach them skills and empower them to earn their own living.”

To date we can report the following success:

  1. Selected a community – 11 Women from Bayview in Chatsworth – highest education level: Standard 7. Ages 30 – 59. Black and Indian women were selected.
  2. Involved high profile, skilled mentors – Tasneem Pather and Haroun Hansrot – to teach the women fashion design and beading. Tasneem was responsible for teaching the fashion design and Haroun the beading.
  3. A launch of the project to media and businesses was planned to ensure that people knew what we wanted to achieve and helped us do something great for some very needy people.
  4. Saris were donated from high profile Indian women who all supported the project e.g.: Dr Devi Rajab, Shashi Naidoo, Jailoshnee Naidoo, Anshu Padaychee and a few more high profile women from the Indian community… 
  5. Their saris were worked on by these women, Tasneem and Haroun and the designs that were created blew our audience away.
  6. On 12 September 2010 we had a magnificent launch at the ICC Durban where we had all major media and big businesses in attendance. Big and small sponsors came through with all sorts of donations – cash and kind.
  7. At the launch, the Deputy City Manager, Mr Derek Naidoo, announced his and Ethekweni Municipality’s support for the project.
  8. Business Partners committed to imparting business skills on the women so they can survive as entrepreneurs and on their own – Business Partners donated R70 000 worth of business skills.
  9. On the 12 December 2010 Business Partners held a graduation ceremony for the women. All received a certificate for completing the course and some of them even submitted business plans.
  10. The South African Breweries (SAB) made it possible for these women to truly be entrepreneurs by providing them with the hardware they required and could not afford. On 20 November 2010 every one of these women was given a fashion designer pack to the value of R10 000 each, which included sewing machines, over lockers, sketch pads etc. All supplied by the SAB.

11. SAB then awarded all the outfits for their Kickstart program, to the value of R50 000, to Saris for Good Karma as a mentoring exercise for the ladies. The ladies learnt how to make men’s shirts, thus increasing their skills and knowledge to menswear as well.

12. Each lady made their own shirt and was tasked to make things for their homes e.g.: mats, cushions, table cloths, etc.

13. On 1 December 2010 Saris for Good Karma had the 2nd showing of the range created for the launch and the new men’s shirts that they created. The show was the opening of the fabulous FTV Florida Road. All proceeds from the door went to the Saris for Good Karma project.

14. On 3 December 2010 Saris for Good Karma was invited to exhibit the ranges made for the home and the men’s shirts at the official 150 year celebration of Indians in SA at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

15. Gosh… and that’s what we did in 6 months from June to December. Now our plans for 2011…

16. Stay tuned to our website, the press or join us on Facebook to help us grow this project and make SA and the world aware of how we can help those less fortunate than us by teaching them to fish!

To donate, please contact or call 031-3097967

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